Artistry Unleashed

Artistry Unleashed is an annual workshop created by Lauren Carnesi Daniels and Liz Fink-Rakoski. Each year Lauren and Liz team up to bring a dance workshop unlike any you have done before, and features so much more than just technique classes! Each day begins with a challenging 75 minute contemporary or modern technique class followed by a speciality workshops in: performance art, partnering,

group composition, solo composition, improvisation, and contact improvisation. Dancers create, improvise, partner, explore and grow, culminating in a demonstration at the end of the workshop in The Warehouse Theatre. Dancers from universities, colleges, conservatories and studios attend this event each year. Lauren and Liz have so many surprises in store for you !


2113 Columbia Park Road STE 5A. Edgewood, MD 21040.


Tel: (410) 920-4828


Monday - Sunday:

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